How to invest in gold

There are several ways to buy gold. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. It is only up to you which one you choose.

A one-time purchase of gold

A one-time purchase of gold requires a certain amount of money for which you get gold of appropriate value. For example, you can invest 2,100 USD in a 50 gram gold bullion.

What are the advantages of one-time purchase? Especially a low price.

The disadvantages include the fact that there is no risk diversification – it can easily happen that you buy gold at the wrong time. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to invest a lump sum high amount.

What alternatives to choose, if a one-time purchase does not seem right for you? Try one of the following:

Gradual purchase in small amounts

Gradual purchase of gold offers the possibility of continuous investment in small volumes of gold. For example, you buy a one gram gold bullion. What is the advantage? Even minor savers can afford to buy gold. A deterrent factor could be up to a ten percent higher price.

Savings in gold

It works like this: you send some financial funds to the account of the company that buys a gold bullion when there is a sufficient amount of money needed for the purchase. The question is whether this system is different from saving money in the bank and whether it pays off in the end.

Gradual purchase of gold

Gradual purchase of gold is a characteristic of our company. Depending on your current financial potential you gradually buy gold. But it is not about saving as in the previous case. Any payment you make, you purchase a part of a gold bullion at the current rate. You get as low price as at a one-time purchase but this option allows you to buy gold in smaller amounts.