1) Is not the price of gold too high?

In the long term the price itself is not important. It is important what you can buy for a given quantity of gold in the future. A hundred years ago you could buy a Ford T for 825 USD. Nowadays you buy a bike for the same price. However, if you had bought gold for that sum of money, you could sell it now for 55,000 USD. You could buy a nice car for this sum today.

The price of gold is measured against the dollar and it has lost 98 % of its value in the last hundred years. While, gold has kept its high value for over 5,000 years.

2) What if the price of gold falls?

That is good for you. In practice, this means, that you get more gold for the same payment. Despite temporary fluctuations, in the long term, the growth of price of gold is inevitable. Global gold supplies are limited. Mining is becoming increasingly more expensive and unextracted reserves are estimated for 20 years. Long-term demand exceeds supply and extracting capacity. Therefore, in the long run, the price of gold has been growing and will continue to rise.

3) Can I stop investing in gold before reaching the total amount invested?

Yes, you can. You can withdraw from the agreement at any time. But of course, it is better for you to reach the total amount invested, see Calculation.

4) What happens after reaching the total amount invested?

After reaching the total amount invested, you can have your gold sent physically to your address or arrange an appointment to pick it up in person. You can also sell it to us for the purchasing price according to the current repurchase rate shown on our website. In this case, we send you the money to your bank account. It is also possible to combine both of these options.

5) Is it possible to buy gold and receive money before it reaches the total amount invested?

Gold is at all times yours, therefore, we guarantee to repurchase it from you at any time – even before reaching the total amount invested. It is, however, better for you to invest long term (see Calculation).

6) What happens if Swiss Gold as a purchasing agent fails or even goes bankrupt?

You do not have to worry. In the case of a bankruptcy or liquidation of Swiss Gold, your ownership of gold will not be jeopardized. A direct owner or co-owner of your particular piece of gold is directly you, yourself. Liquidation or bankruptcy of the service provider can only relate to the property or ownership of this provider, not yours.